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Based on 263 customer reviews from our shopper community, Copa Air’s overall rating is 2.97 out of 5 stars and 66% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. No customer consider Copa Air overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.0 from 1 vote. The most common issues with Copa Air are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 1.0, 1.0, 1.67 and 2.0.


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May 11, 2023
"On a flight with 2 stopovers"
On a flight with 2 stopovers, I made the second stopover at an airport where that was the only flight that arrived, therefore there was no connecting flight there, they sent my children to another airport where the connection would leave, which had departed for The moment they managed to arrive, there was no one to contact to help resolve, we paid for the hotel and ground transportation to get out of there, the airline was not responsible, it is the worst in customer service, the only redeemable thing is the on-board service to the which if I would give it 5 stars.
I do not recommend flying with this airline because if you have a problem there will be no one to solve it, I hope I never need to fly with COPA
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April 30, 2023
"By far the worst airlines I've booked…"
By far the worst airlines I've booked at ... Unhelpful staff that does not even speaks English in some cases... unclear "policies" that only pop up after you payed...The other reviews kinda explains that many raisons why you should absolutely avoid this airline..
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April 28, 2023
"I had a traumatic experience with them…"
I had a traumatic experience with them last week.
Long story short, I bought my flights to Costa Rica and at any point while buying it, or after the reservation, nor even during the check-in I was told I needed yellow fever vaccine to get on the plane.
In fact, I have a screenshot of what I was sent to me, which says 'no vaccine proof required'. However, by the gate, just about to get on the plane, I was stopped and couldn't go.
I lost all the money of the flights, all the hotel reservations (for 8 nights) and car reservation.
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April 25, 2023
"Better than Most (at least these days ...)"
With all the negativity surrounding air travel and bad reviews for so many airlines - I felt compelled to share our GOOD experience with Copa. Flights were on time; aircraft were clean; staff were courteous and helpful (although their check in process is painfully slow); in air service was fine. Food was tolerable (at least a free meal was offered where so often it's not anymore!). We travelled to South America from Toronto - and then to several points within South & Central America while we were there. All our flights were on time and as scheduled. All our checked baggage arrived with us - nothing lost or delayed. These days that seems like a miracle!
The ONLY reason I'm giving them 4 and not 5 stars is that our tx were very expensive and we weren't allowed to either use or accumulate our Aeroplan points (Air Canada) - even though Copa & Air Canada are part of the so-called Star Alliance. Not being able to use points - or at least accumulate them - is flat out wrong.
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April 20, 2023
"Copa Airlines lost my luggage"
Copa Airlines lost my luggage, it has been a month now, and my claim form is not working. The agent says I need to wait.
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April 12, 2023
"BUYER BEWARE The airline failed to give proper notification causing to miss flights"
The airline failed to give proper notification of redeye flight departer. only one email with boarding past the day before the flight was received (and completed) nothing else prior or to notify us that we missed out flight

Flight was scheduled for 03/31 2:16am. We arrived 3/31 checking in at 11pm EST at JFK, only to find out the red eye flight had already departed that morning at 2am. The flight leaving on the morning of 3/31 at 2:16am had already been overbooked and so was the flight after (Flight 804). Copa's excuse was that with was a holiday week (Lent) but, after my investigation Copa has a reputation of over booking flights then reselling to the highest bidder. My family and I were not offered any solutions by the desk agent other than to call customer service.

When calling customer service. I was initially offered $1000.00 for a 9am flight. After requesting to be connected to a manager or a supervisor several times for further explanation I was placed on hold until the office closed (office closed from 11pm CTS-pty to 6am CST). I called the airport in the morning asked to speak with a supervisor again, phone call dropped 2x before I was connected to a supervisor. Now the reconnecting flight was $2700.00 leaving 2 days after returning on the same day 04/06 because Copa airline place all our seats as no shows. (Then resold.all flights were over booked)

We were forced to cancel our families spring break as a result. Not only did we not go on vacation and loss our money for the 3 tickets; we also lost the money for the hotel due to note giving proper cancelation notice .It was going to be my family's first time going to my country, my daughter spent all her extra time leaning Spanish to prepare for what would have been a monumental cultural experience .The disappointment in my 7 year old daughters face and the tears in my wife's eyes at JFK airport will be imbedded in my mind for the rest of my life thanks to Copa Airline’s poor customer service and their lack of notification to their customer especially for a red eye flight. I take full responsibly for my involvement and confusion of the time schedule, now I know to better prepare when taking a redeye flight. Copa should be held responsible to better notify their customer on red eye flight of the time and date and have more concern for a family's who check into flights and do not board the aircraft.

The people that work for this airline are cruel and calis . They are not knowledgeable and rely on ONE manager/spvr named Angie (JFK Airport). The complaint line and wait time to speak with Angie was ridiculous. Everyone seem to have a complaint and I mean everyone .

There app for notifications is complete Garbage .you'll miss your flight then they mark you down as a no show.don't look for Angie to help she couldn't careless.
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April 11, 2023
"zero stars!!!!!"
zero stars!!!!!!
I booked a flight 3 months ago yet when trying to board the airline tells me they “overbooked” the plane so now there’s a 12 hour layover that I was never informed about. Completely unprofessional.
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April 05, 2023
"I'd be speaking with hard slang but is…"
I'd be speaking with hard slang but is public. So here is the story of those FTards. I missed my connection in Panama on cause of Airline fault so they put me on next flight in 12 hours. On any questions about hotel or even Lounge access i got very rude response from Superviser of Copa that they basically don't give a damn and mentioned that i can complain in call center (being on roaming). So i went to the website trying to understand my right here lol The only response i got is we gonna answer maybe in 15 days CARL! Worse Customer service ever one word FTards!
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March 22, 2023
"Never again this airline, it is a big mess to try travelling"
Never again this airline, warning for all here to book a flight
Never again this airline, hope it has to end its business at least as StarAlliance soon!!! Unfriendly, totally unprofessional staff. Despite having a valid boarding pass, checked luggage and gold frequent flyer status, they won't take you at the gate because of alleged overbooking because you booked through United instead of Copa. Standby guests could fly with us, we could not start our cruise because of this disagreeable, very bad airline and the impossible employees (typical Spanish), unbelievable conditions.

Date of experience: March 21, 2023
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March 10, 2023
"The most incompetent airline we’ve come…"
The most incompetent airline we’ve come across.

They took our money, issued a ticket and now have summarily decided to revoke the ticket and demand that we chase red herrings to correct a mistake on their system.

Its like dealing with Ryanair. What a joke. Ironically, haven’t had any issues with their budget airline Wingo
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February 15, 2023
"Friendly staff, clean aircraft but luggage torn"
We flew with Copa Airlines from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to San Jose. The airplane was clean and the staff was helpful. We got to San Jose without any trouble. The only reason I’m giving them 3 stars is because our luggage were torn when we got it back:( They clearly hadn’t been very gentle.
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February 01, 2023
"Worst airline in the world."
We booked a roundtrip from Atlanta to Lima (CM881 & CM263), and Lima to Atlanta (CM338 & CM880). Both flights included a brief layover in Panama City. We also booked flights from Quito to Lima (Booking No. SP6MHI, Flights CM158 and CM337). This flight also included a brief layover in Panama City. The scheduled itinerary would've had us fly from Quito to Panama City, then from Panama City to Lima, then from Lima back to Panama City, then Panama City to Atlanta. It occurred to us that the flights from Panama City to Lima and Lima back to Panama City might be able to be skipped, so when we entered the Quito airport we spoke with a Copa Airlines desk agent about that possibility. She worked on the computer with another agent for about 15 minutes and printed our boarding passes only for Quito to Panama city and ASSURED US that we could stay the night in Panama City and board our flight from Panama City to Atlanta in the morning. We stayed the night in Panama City as planned but when we arrived in Panama City airport this morning to board our flight to Atlanta, we were shocked to find that because we didn't board the flight from Lima to Panama City our tickets from Panama City to Atlanta had been cancelled. We had been given assurances by Copa representatives in the Quito airport the previous day that this would not happen. We spent about an hour talking with Copa representatives in Panama City about this but they were unwilling to help or honor the assurance that we were given in Quito. We were forced to pay a $535 penalty fee to re-instate our cancelled tickets to Atlanta. This is frustrating in the extreme and totally unacceptable given that we sought and were given permission and assurances in Quito that everything was in order.
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January 31, 2023
"Avoid this Airline!!"
When I reserved my plane ticket, I was informed there was a $75 change fee. When I called customer support to change my ticket to another date, I informed the agent that the current ticket price was $398 and I had paid $413 for the original ticket. I agreed to pay $84 change fee. But after the ticket was changed, my credit card was billed $84 AND $168!! Now I have to try a credit card dispute. I will never use that airline again!!
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January 30, 2023
"5 hours on the phone to change a ticket"
Word expirience ever. There costumer service is noothing got discounnected 15 times and used over 5 hours on the phone to change a tricket!!!!! Get a freaking chat.

Worst airline ever
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January 16, 2023
"Copa Airlines compensated us greatly!"
Copa Airlines overbooked our flight, which unfortunately happens for every airline, but they compensated us incredibly! A replacement flight, a 5-star hotel overnight, and a private taxi ride were provided to us! Thanks thousand times!

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